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If you are looking for new friendship, love  and much more,  you are on the right place. EliteMate dating network offers casual dating personals for: AmericanBritishAustralianCanadian or New Zeland  singles. Having a specific visitor groups helps to keep it busy for people from those regions. If you come from these countries, continue reading…

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How it works:

Simply sign up for Free if you are looking for adult dating personals  in the AUS, UK, US, CA, or NZ and you will find hundreds of adults looking for dating fun online. You can explore their photo profiles, find out what they are interested for and then get in touch with them. If some of them are online and will be because always somebody is online you can contact them immediately!

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There is five steps to follow in order to register for an FREE account:


Following simple 5 steps you will be able to find your perfect partner few minutes after set up an account.

This is only a review. If you are into finding your perfect soul visit EliteMate Network and join for FREE.


Online Dating Site – Are you ready for EliteMate Network?

In this article I will explain why I use EliteMate Network searching for fun.

Sixteen years ago, when I come first time to AU I feel alone and that time I was very naughty girl having only sex in my mind. I loved to make fun and most of that I loved to date online.
Moving to Australia was perfect opportunity to me to start to live my life like I want, far away from the eyes of my parents.
Searching for dating sites I find one great site and I try to register but site was asking my credit card details just to register. I was little sceptic about that but I was also very warm and horny so I decide to do it. I could not believe it, it takes me some money from my bank account without any notice and I was very angry. Site name was Sex in the UK. In a second I delete my profile and I search for another one hoped I had luck.

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Finally after few attempts I find this adult network and I will tell you all the best for this site. I had to thank it to help me find my husband searching for sex. That’s was nice.
I register for FREE (finally) and I set up my profile. Upload some nice photos (some of them very naughty), write something about me and about my interest and I start to browse members inside.


I was surprised that nobody contacts me and everybody inside was searching for sex. I could not say that I was bad looking. I was in a good shape but no results. I find one guy, nice one, at least as shown on the picture, and I want to contact him. Another surprise, it asked me to subscribe to view full profile and to contact him. Again, I said to myself but guy was so lovely that I could not resist. I subscribe and I send him a message. There was no reply. I was so sad and desperate but still horny. I wanted sex so much and I continue my search but with different tactics. I start to search other members and finally I find one, my future husband. I can still remember his words what was:

” Sweetie, we both knows why we are here; I want you so bad…”
God, I will never forget his words. As he was out of town we set up a date in a one hour and BUM, BUM, lol. It was so great and was real one great adventure.
Next day we do it again and again and again.
Following days, on my work place, I talk with my colleague of work about online dating and I tell him my experience. He accepts my advice and register but subscribe. I feel that will happen something nice to him same night and I was right.
In the end I will just say, SUBSCRIBE and you will F..K… Upss, sorry!
This is an honest review of adult dating site where I start my life in the Australia. I will suggest that you take this opportunity, and enjoy your life. In the end it is completely FREE to join so you have nothing to lose. After, if you find it interesting you can subscribe what I highly suggest.

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You Should Know Before Joining any Online Dating Site!!!

Below are the things you should consider before doing so:

Explore your  options and don’t pretending to be someone else to impress people is downright lame and  pathetic so do yourself a favor and let your true colors shine from  the very beginning. If you want to enjoy free online dating services with no credit card needed than you can use EliteMate Network  service to find american, australian, european, asian, african or anybody else near you!

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This site  is very simple for  you to sign up. But there are lot of sites on the web whitch usually charge you for a monthly subscription in these services. Alternatively, you can also enter  “Free online dating services”, and I am sure you can also find a couple of those website.

Another way if you do not have a credit card is to purchase a Virtual Credit Card (VCC), but you do not need to worry about your personal financial information being disclosed using this site, honestly. You can interact with your Mr or Ms right at the comfort of your home or at work as I did and you can start your online romance now!



  • Make sure the site has privacy and security policies in place and will not divulge your personal information to a third party.
  • Do a background check on the service for any unpleasant incidents associated with it.
  • Do ensure that the dating site caters to your locality.
  • Do some research and compare the various features provided by your chosen free online dating service before you register.
  • Do spend time to create an innovative user name for your profile.
  • Do write an interesting headline and introduction to attract more singles to your profile.
  • Do fill complete details on your online profile.
  • Do upload your recent color photograph on your online dating profile.
  • Do trust your instincts when making friends online.
  • Don’t register on too many internet dating sites all at once.
  • Don’t make your user screename or your profile sound desperate. You will not attract the right person into your life.
  • Don’t upload celebrity pictures or someone else’s pictures or any other pictures on your free online dating profile. It is best that someone decides to speak to you for who you are.
  • Don’t be in too much of a hurry to divulge personal information or meet with your new online love. It will give you time to understand the person better and decide if they actually are your type.

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Useful Article About EliteMate Network

All you need is a computer, an Internet connection, and a little confidence to meet other singles onlin. This is one of the most effective ways to develop friendships that can eventually lead to committed and monogamous relationships. But now, the world of singles online dating has changed a lot and has become a world where friendship, romance, and love can be transported right into your home.  Here, you can have options for finding the right person for you because it is often hard to meet someone who is pleasant to be with and who shares the same interests as you. You can just sit comfortably in front of your computer screen and start a conversation with the single you are interested with. In few hours, you can get to know someone better than you would in a whole week or month of dating offline.

Just remember to be yourself.  If you think you need to get a little hang on the dating world first, this online dating website would be your best bet — everybody is open to meet you, know what you have in common and probably get a chance at love!

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So let me explain some bad and some good things about EliteMate Network:


  • Send And Receive Emails
  • Send And Receive Instant Messages
  • Multiple Chat Room Access
  • Weekly Night Club Calendar
  • You can connect your Facebook, Twitter or MySpace profil with EliteMate Network
    • It’s completely FREE to join. This site will ask you NO credit card details to join. Once you join you can explore profiles, set up yours, upload some pictures and describe yourself
    • Inside you can find thousands of same minded persons ready to chat, date and meet for some adult fun


  • It will ask you for subscription if you want to video chat and this I will not call a BAD THINGS. I will call it secure things because if someone subscribe and contact you it means it’s ready to meet you and have some fun and this is great. I can promise you from my experience that if you subscribe you will fuck same night and I mean it

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Sexy Dating – Is This You Are Searching For?

Some people like to visit dating site for romance, someone to flirt but in the end everyone are searching for love and sex. Sex in the UK is very popular among middle age (including me, lol) where people are already tired of old relationship/marriage and are looking for some refreshment. The easiest way to do it is go through Sex chat room pages. On that pages you can find large number of phone contacts what unfortunately are not FREE and sometimes are even fake numbers just to take you money making phone calls.
Free sex dating sites can be good solution but even there you never know who is on another side of the line. Well, there isn’t only black side of the story as I find my husband on one of online dating sites.
I must admit, I search for sex buddy and I fall in love. You see how situation can change in a minute and for me was the best day in my life. One month after we meet first time and sleep together, we married and we get nice lovely daughter.
Adult dating sites can be very interesting sites if you know how to move inside of them and you can even pass good time chatting and dating inside.

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As I loved to date online when I was young and this habit remain till now I start to compare several top online dating sites to search for Free sex chat rooms to help others choose best one. In the past it happen to me that I make a date trough sexy dating site with no string sex and come out disappointed because guy I dated did not show up. You must understand that Internet is full of pervert people and fakes and to meet for sex can be very dangerous. You never know who you go to date.
So what will be first word you enter in your browser when you search for such a sites?
Uk sex maybe? For someone will be sex dating UK and for people from London will be for sure sex in the London UK. Whatever it is and what ever results shows up you must be very careful. Online dating can be really interesting but also very dangerous and keep this in mind, especially ladies.

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